One door closes and another opens

I never thought I would have ended up here in life. Looking back, I was doing odd jobs and figuring out what I would like to do with my life. I was working construction for my father. It was a physically draining job. I was ready to quit. The year of Covid, unfortunately, and luckily ended that journey. Learning how to code never crossed my mind. I hardly used a computer. Heck, I used to just be able to type with only two fingers. If I had to do something online, I would use my iPhone. This year has really given me time to grow myself and try different things. Coding has expanded my interest in creating my own app. I have had so many app ideas that have made me think, “Is this possible?” Now I am acquiring the tools to make them myself and I am very excited. I finally feel like I’m doing something I will enjoy and feel satisfied with.